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Julio Binda and Robert Drysdale

Julio Binda and Robert Drysdale

Julio Binda
Founder & Head Coach

Hello there! Prof. Julio here, 

I was born in Teofilo Otoni, Minas Gerais, Brazil in 1981. I started practicing Jiu Jitsu when I was 19 years old with master Joao Eugenio Caxambu, leader of the team Jiu Jikan. 

I came to USA in 2005 as a Purple belt and trained under Prof Roberto Maia (Boston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) from whom I received my Black Belt in 2012.

Binda Jiu Jitsu was established in 2007 in Haverhill, MA. 

In 2013 we became affiliated with Zenith BJJ with Presidents Robert Drysdale and Rodrigo Cavaca. In 2015, I received my first degree black belt and in 2018 my 2nd degree black belt under Prof Robert Drysdale.

I am honored to be a Zenith BJJ Ambassador, representing our team with 3 locations in New England. You can find our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program in Haverhill (Binda Jiu Jitsu), Seabrook (Binda BJJ NH) launched in 2019, and Lawrence (Tartaruga BJJ).

I had the privilege to participate in Kurt Osiander and Rodrigo Cavaca DVDs filmed by BJJ fanatics and BJJ superdeals in Boston, MA.

As a competitor and IBJJF Referee in various tournaments, my goal is to stay sharp and up to date to help my students achieve their goals. 

If you're looking to change your life, you are in the right direction! Contact us for a FREE week trial. All I can say is that BJJ is highly addictive! No matter what age, you will find a place here with us! 

See You On The Mats!

Matthew Hitchcock

I started my journey through martial arts when I was 5 years old. The style I started with was Kempo Karate where I hold two 2nd degree black belts under two different schools. I later transitioned over the years into Kickboxing/Thai Boxing with some minor work Krav Maga (Israeli self defense).

Jiu Jitsu came into my life back in 2007. During that time, Jiu Jitsu was not as prevalent as it has now become; options for training back then were much more limited. I was fortunate enough to have Coach Julio walk into the Karate school I was teaching at, and offer to start a program. Jiu Jitsu was a martial art that was like no other, you could train with your opponent at 100% and figure out what works and what doesn't with low percentage chance of injury. The sport of Jiu Jitsu has challenged me in so many ways; whether in class learning techniques, at tournaments competing, and mentally piecing together combative puzzles.

Jiu Jitsu is a great option for anyone looking to get in shape, learn self defense, and be apart of a family/comradery with positive goals. It's a lifestyle like no other and I would be honored with the opportunity to share my knowledge with you as well as learn from you through my teachings.

Reginaldo Silva
It's never too late to start BJJ....
I started when I was 43 years old. I've been training for 7 years and now hold a Black Belt under Prof. Julio Binda.
I am also the owner and head coach at Tartaruga BJJ where I have the pleasure to train with my family. We are a Zenith /Binda affiliated school.
I love practicing inverting techniques and perfect my moves as Berimbolo, X-guard, waiter sweeps etc...
My main reason to train is to discover what Jiu Jitsu has to offer. It's a very intelligent art with intriguing moves that allow a small person to overcome a much bigger opponent. 
I encourage any person over 40 to step on the mats! You will not regret it! 
James Haney
James Haney, holds a brown belt in bjj and has been training actively under Coach Binda since early 2013. For almost my entire life I have been actively into fitness (mostly power lifting and weight training) but prior to bjj at Bindas, I have had limited martial arts experience. Once I began I was hooked immediately, although it was a humbling experience at first. I came into the program knowing absolutely nothing about bjj. I found it confusing and awkward at first but I loved the challenge of learning something new and practicing it in a live training setting. Thanks to the awesome staff and training partners that I had here at Bindas, I picked things up quickly and never looked back. This program has taught me how to be patient, open minded, and how to use methodical thinking. As a smaller individual relying on good technique, patience, and timing are a must. I have done numerous bjj and grappling competitions in the past including Boston Open, NAGA, Fuji, etc. I am an active IBJJF member. Today my passion has been more on the teaching and coaching aspects, but I’ll always be a dedicated student first and foremost. The beauty of this martial art is that no matter what belt rank you are, there is always something new to learn and improvements to make at every level.
George Mourad

George Mourad is a brown belt, who has been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu since 2011 and a coach at Binda's since 2017.

Originally from Beirut, Lebanon, George came to the United States to pursue higher education.

While studying and working, he met Coach Julio who invited him to try a class. He immediately connected with the sport and enjoys training and teaching.

He regularly studies techniques in order to improve his game and share knowledge with the team. "I love to play half guard, side control and north-south; submitting with a baseball choke."

He looks forward to keeping his skills sharp by competing more in the future.

Nil Binda

I did not find Jiu Jitsu, Jiu Jitsu found me...

When I finished my Master's Degree in Counseling I realized that everything I was studying in theory, I was practicing on the mats and seeing results not only in my life but in others. 

All my rationalizations fall away when I'm sparring. I can not be worried about the future or dwell on the past. I have to be completely in the moment. Jiu Jitsu is the tool God uses to keep me sane. 
For me it is an honor to be able to work 24/7 with the art that I love. Every time I help someone, regardless their age, I feel extremely fulfilled. 

The hardest part is to show up. If you manage to do that, the art will do the rest. Don't waste another day. I can't wait to meet you!

Eric Azul
Coach Assistant

Eric Azul has been a student of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for three years, and currently holds a Blue Belt in the art. His journey with both the sport and Binda Jiu Jitsu began when first introducing his son to BJJ in early 2015. After observing kids’ classes for a year, and learning some of the basic techniques, he ventured onto the mats himself in 2016. Eric has progressed from an observant parent on the sidelines to an Assistant Coach for the Binda Kids’ Program. Eric enjoys coaching the kids, as it’s a way for him to further educate himself, as well as give back and assist them in developing their skill sets. Eric’s two children, Nico – 8 and Nina – 6, are dedicated students of the Kids’ Program, which further motivates Eric to continue to learn BJJ. Leading by example is something he is passionate about. Eric assists in coaching the kids at their competitions, and has competed himself, as a white belt.

Eric appreciates that there is always more to learn and values the dedication and commitment it takes to progress. He enjoys the camaraderie and friendships he’s developed training on the mats and looks forward to what lies ahead for him on his BJJ journey.

Matheus Binda
Coach Assistant

Hi, my name is Matheus Binda.

Teaching Jiu-Jitsu to little kids is such a unique thing to do. 

I want to see all kids grow and see what they will become after the knowledge they will learn from Coach Binda, Coach Nil, and all the other coaches. I am happy to help and teach them.

I push myself to the limits and I am always ready for anything in class. My teammates and I are always kind to each other and we love to train together.

I think you will like it! Come train with us!